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Socrates Cafe: A Fresh Taste of Philosophy

Socrates Cafe A Fresh Taste of Philosophy

Christopher Phillips is a man on a mission to revive the love of questions that Socrates inspired long ago in ancient Athens Like a Johnny Appleseed with a master s degree Phillips has gallivanted back and forth across America to caf s and coffee shops senior centers assisted living complexes prisons libraries day care centers elementary and high schools and churches forming lasting communities of inquiry em Utne Reader em Phillips not only presents the fundamentals of philosophical thought in this charming em Philosophy for Dummies em type guide em USA Today em he also recalls what led him to start his itinerant program and re creates some of the most invigorating sessions which come to reveal sometimes surprising often profound reflections on the meaning of love friendship work growing old and others among Life s Big Questions br br br How to Start Your Own Socrates Caf guide included

Shakespeare on the Edge: Border-Crossing in the Tragedies and the Henriad

Shakespeare on the Edge Border Crossing in the Tragedies and the Henriad

When Shakespeare s John of Gaunt refers to England as this sceptred isle he glosses over a fact of which Shakespeare s original audience would have been acutely conscious which was that England was not an island at all but had land borders with Scotland and Wales Together with the narrow channels separating the British mainland from Ireland and the continent these were the focus of acute if intermittent unease during the early modern period This book analyses works by not only Shakespeare but also his contemporaries to argue that many of the plays of Shakespeare s central period from the second tetralogy to Hamlet King Lear Macbeth and Othello engage with the idea of England s borders But borders it claims are not only of geopolitical significance in Shakespeare s imagination and indeed in that of his culture eschatological overtones also accrue to the idea of the border not least because the countries of the Celtic fringe were often discussed in terms of the supernatural and fairy lore and in particular the rivers which were often used as boundary markers were invested with heavily mythologized personae exploring the spiritual uncertainties of the period and for speculating on what happens in the undiscovered country from whose bourn no traveller returns At the same time the idea that a thing can only really be defined in terms of what lies beyond it provides a sharply interrogating charge for Shakespeare s use of metatheatre and for his suggestions of a world beyond the confines of his plays

Shakespeare's Festive History: Feasting, Festivity, Fasting, and Lent in the Second Henriad

Shakespeare s Festive History Feasting Festivity Fasting and Lent in the Second Henriad

Although the festive elements in Shakespeare s plays have been well noted since the publication of Barber s Shakespeare s Festive Comedy there has been a gap in the literature for a study on how aspects of festivity structure the entire four play sequence of Shakespeare s Second Henriad Here the author details how Shakespeare creates historical characters who engineer their supremacy shore up their popular support and or sustain their charisma through manipulation of festive elements which are found throughout the tetralogy and rooted in the English cultural psyche

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Grickle collects two dozen beautiful stories in which devilish comedy and eye watering art enclose a rich chocolatey center of sad poetry and bruised but intact innocence A man is carried safely through the ugly harshness of the world by his own Polaroid enabled brand of narcissism The sadistic make believe of two little boys is no match for the laid back cruelty of their grandfather Two buddies go on an ice fishing trip One finds enlightenment but the other catches a whole hell of a lot of fish A factory drone discovers his creative side with the help of the toilet Vehicular manslaughter turns to be pretty okay as long as there aren t any witnesses Sound interesting Wait till you see them come to life in vivid black and white Grickle is a hefty treasure trove of visually arresting hilarious wise and emotionally rereadable cartoon stories Annable has been creating these stories for his own satisfaction concurrent with his commercial animation work and it shows in their intimate conversational tone and wholly personal outlook puts his stylish figures through their paces it s like listening to the eloquent solo improvisations of a jazz musician who has sharpened his chops playing every night in the band Even several panels of an Annable character just sitting still at a table practically glitter with life and cartoon joy Grickle books by Graham Annable, Tom Devlin

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