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Title:The Power
Format Type:eBook PDF / e-Pub
Number of Pages:341

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Breaking Her

Breaking Her

From internationally bestselling author R K Lilley comes a scorching new series with melt the pages tension and all consuming angst It s love it s war and it s Scarlett and Dante s story br br DESTRUCTION BETRAYAL RUINATION br TRUE LOVE br Breaking Her br Book Two in the Love is War Duet br This is the conclusion of Scarlett and Dante s story br br SCARLETT br He had done it again Ravaged me Burned me Broke me br Given me air only to leave me gasping writhing br But then something changed Something that terrified and excited me both br Something that utterly destroyed me br Something that made me whole again br br DANTE br Our love was cursed from the start She didn t know it but I did br All she knew was that I d lied to her betrayed her Done unforgivable things Unavoidable things Yes I had broken promises as surely as I had broken her heart But just as every war has casualties and every lie has consequences every bastard has his reasons



b Barnes amp Noble Discover Great New Writers b br A small close knit Orthodox Jewish community in London is the setting for a revealing look at religion and sexuality in Alderman s frank yet heartfelt debut novel i Disobedience i The story begins with the death of the community s esteemed rabbi which sets in motion plans for a memorial service and the search for a replacement The rabbi s nephew and likely successor Dovid calls his cousin Ronit in New York to tell her that her father has died Ronit who left the community long ago to build a life for herself as a career woman returns home when she hears the news and her reappearance exposes tears in the fabric of the community br br Steeped in Jewish philosophy and teachings i Disobedience i is a perceptive and thoughtful exploration of the laws and practices that have governed Judaism for centuries and continue to hold sway today Throughout the novel Alderman retells stories from the Torah Judaism s fundamental source and the interplay between these tales and the struggles of the novel s unique characters wields enormous power and wisdom and will surely move readers to tears br br Alderman s greatest feat is in combining her extensive knowledge of Judaism with a story that is universal Her characters to be sure are Jewish but her novel recalls works like i To Kill a Mockingbird i and i The Scarlet Letter i as it speaks to communities and readers everywhere i Holiday Selection i

Doctor Who: Borrowed Time

Doctor Who Borrowed Time

i You want more time Mr Brown of course you do We all want more time Let me make you an offer i br br Andrew Brown never has enough time No time to call his sister or to prepare for that important presentation at the bank where he works The train s late the lift jams If only he d had just a little more time And time is the business of Mr Symington and Mr Blenkinsop They ll lend him some at a very reasonable rate of interest br br Detecting a problem the Doctor Amy and Rory go undercover at the bank But they have to move fast to stop Symington and Blenkinsop before they cash in their investments br br i A thrilling all new adventure featuring the Doctor Amy and Rory as played by Matt Smith Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill in the spectacular hit Doctor Who series from BBC Television i

The Lessons

The Lessons

Hidden away in an Oxford back street is a crumbling Georgian mansion unknown to any but the few who possess a key to its unassuming front gate Its owner is the mercurial charismatic Mark Winters whose rackety trust fund upbringing has left him as troubled and unpredictable as he is wildly promiscuous Mark gathers around him an impressionable group of students glamorous Emmanuella who always has a new boyfriend in tow Franny and Simon best friends and occasional lovers musician Jess whose calm exterior hides passionate depths And James already damaged by Oxford and looking for a group to belong to For a time they live in a charmed world of learning and parties and love affairs But university is no grounding for adult life and when years later tragedy strikes they are entirely unprepared Universal in its themes of ambition desire and betrayal this spellbinding novel reflects the truth that the lessons life teaches often come too late

The Liars' Gospel

The Liars Gospel

b An award winning writer re imagines the life of Jesus from the points of view of four people closest to him before his death br br b This is the story of Yehoshuah who wandered Roman occupied Judea giving sermons and healing the sick Now a year after his death four people tell their stories His mother grieves his friend Iehuda loses his faith the High Priest of the Temple tries to keep the peace and a rebel named Bar Avo strives to bring that peace tumbling down br br It was a time of political power play and brutal tyranny Men and women took to the streets to protest Dictators put them down with iron force In the midst of it all one inconsequential preacher died And either something miraculous happened or someone lied br br Viscerally powerful in its depictions of the period massacres and riots animal sacrifice and human betrayal i The Liars Gospel i makes the oldest story entirely new

Zombies, Run!: Keeping Fit and Living Well in the Current Zombie Emergency

Zombies Run Keeping Fit and Living Well in the Current Zombie Emergency

b From the Baileys Prize winning author of i The Power i b br b b br b b br b OUR FIRST JOB IS SURVIVAL IF WE SURVIVE WE LEARN WHEN WE LEARN WE MAKE TOMORROW BETTER THAN TODAY THAT S WHAT IT MEANS TO BE HUMAN WE JUST HAVE TO KEEP ON GOING b br br The zombie apocalypse is here We have all lost a lot but we are surviving Together we will overcome the outbreak but we need every man women and child to do their bit This is an informational guide to help you stay fit and healthy in both body and mind during the crisis It includes br br b Indoor activities b that build the strength stamina and flexibility you need to survive contact with the zombie hordes br Expertly designed b running cycling and swimming programmes b to build up your distance safely when venturing out for supplies br Advice on b nutritious meals b when resources are sparse and treats need to be rationed br Tips on b building and maintaining a community b and remaining fit of mind when humanity is pushed to the brink br br The advice within the pages of b i ZOMBIES RUN i b will prove the difference between life and death in the coming days weeks and months Humans are wondrous beings this is not the end of us br br b WE CAN BECOME STRONGER WE CAN BECOME FITTER AND TOGETHER WE WILL SURVIVE b

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In i The Power i the world is a recognisable place there s a rich Nigerian kid who lounges around the family pool a foster girl whose religious parents hide their true nature a local American politician a tough London girl from a tricky family But something vital has changed causing their lives to converge with devastating effect Teenage girls now have immense physical power they can cause agonising pain and even death And with this small twist of nature the world changes utterly br br This extraordinary novel by Naomi Alderman a i Sunday Times i Young Writer of the Year and Granta Best of British writer is not only a gripping story of how the world would change if power was in the hands of women but also exposes with breath taking daring our contemporary world The Power books by Naomi Alderman

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